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Summer ‘14Over the 4th of July weekend a good friend and I made Independence day resolutions (Because only having one holiday a year to fail at resolutions isn’t enough for me). His- to start running, mine- to not buy any clothes for the remainder of the year. Fast forward one month to the fact he has not yet started running and I am currently sitting in a new pair of shorts. At least I’m in good company. 
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Philadelphia, 30th st Station. 2 nights before I had taken a red eye flight from LA to Baltimore. I spent the day in DC & got drunk that night & took a 3 am train to Lancaster. This was my transfer train location & don’t remember taking this photo at all. When my sister picked me up at the Lancaster train station, I was asleep on the front lawn. 
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I forgot to post this one! Camp cuisine. Threw apples, potatoes, sausages, onions, and cheddar into the pan and fried em right up.
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Fourth of July Parade. Hoboken, New Jersey. 1955.
Photographer: Robert Frank
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