Fourth of July Parade. Hoboken, New Jersey. 1955.
Photographer: Robert Frank
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Design Crush
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This song is really important to me. & the title of this song is actually where I got the title for a body of work I made about 2 years ago now. Listen to this song on repeat while you look at my series "I Don’t Mind"

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Topo Designs Klettersack driving through the mountains of Idaho with @thenoisyplume 
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Evidence That I am still alive and will be back to posting here again soon.
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Summer ‘11
After graduating from college, I had the obligatory month at home. Which, after 4 years of living on my own, was not ideal. Rather than let it ruin our summer we hatched the idea of creating a blog about our quest to become more interesting. It involved attempting to cook exotic meals, starting new hobbies, setting world records. Thankfully it also created an impressive amount of ideas to never follow through on. I’m not sure if we ever morphed into more interesting people but we are better at telling stories and I’m pretty sure that’s half the battle. 
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Magnificent Ruin
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